Virginia Carpenter
One off character
First appearance Whatever Possessed You?
Created by
Portrayed by Nicola McAuliffe
Nickname(s) The Ice Maiden (possibly)
Species Human (Ghost)(possibly)
Significant other(s) Professor Wyvern (friend)
Nationality English
"Do you believe in the supernatural Mr. Randall?"
―Virginia Carpenter[src]

Virginia Carpenter is the owner of a country hotel, The Traveler's Halt. Following the deaths of a number of guests, she hires Jeff and Jeannie to investigate.[1]


Personality and traitsEdit

Virginia Carpenter has been running the Traveler's Halt since at least the 1950s and her appearance has not changed since, implying she to is a spirit of some form. Despite this, she does not seem affected by the exorcism.


At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Virginia is a friend of Wyvern.


  1. Whatever Possessed You?