Stuart Boyle
One off character
First appearance Two Can Play at That Game
Last appearance Two Can Play at That Game
Created by Charlie Higson
Portrayed by John Michie[1]
Nickname(s) Fatty Boyle
Gender Male
Family Mr. Boyle (father)
Mrs. Boyle (mother)
Significant other(s) Jeff Randall (former friend)
Relatives Mr. Boyle (father)
Nationality English
"I should have hated them of course, but I didn't. I hated you, Jeff Randall, because in every way, you were only slightly better than me."
―Stuart Boyle[src]

Stuart Boyle was a school-day associate of Jeff Randall.


An overweight child, Stuart was bullied and ridiculed by his father, the owner of Boyle's Department Store. He attended the same school as Jeff Randall, his closest and perhaps only friend, who he invited to his birthday party, where his father allowed him and his best friend to have a complete run of the shop. Jeff, however, did not turn up, despite Stuart waiting for several hours.

As an adult, Stuart endured years of plastic surgery and heavy dieting which caused him to become a handsome gentleman. One day he visited Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased), intending to ask Jeff to investigate a message he received from his deceased father, requesting his presence at the old department store. Jeff was not present, and so Jeannie Hurst went to Boyle's instead. Jeannie followed, and the two old friends were reunited.

The trio managed to make their way through a number of traps in the store, with Jeff continuing to poke fun at Stuart's former weight problems. He came to regret this when Stuart fell down a shaft in the stairwell.

However, upon reaching the top floor of the store, Jeff and Jeannie discovered that Mr. Boyle had been dead for some time, and that Stuart had lured Jeff to the store to take his revenge for Jeff being "slightly better than him" at school. He then revealed than he had already dealt with his former bullies, Christopher Corer and Shaun Keeble, and forced Jeff and Jeannie to play a giant game of Pong, wherein the loser of the game would win while the winner would be electrocuted.

Before the game concluded, Marty Hopkirk was able to rescue his friend and former fiancee, before using his powers to blow Stuart into the giant television screen, killing him.

Personality and traitsEdit

Stuart had a sad childhood, looked down on by his father (though loved by his mother), he was also unpopular at school due to his weight, not understanding why his father's ownership of Boyle's did not give him some merit at school.

As he grew older, Stuart became bitter and vengeful, willing to commit murder and patricide on his former bullies, as well as his old best mate Jeff Randall, simply due to him being slightly better than him during their childhood.

Using the money from his father's will, Stuart used plastic surgery to give himself a handsome appearance. He displayed considerable intelligence creating deadly traps in his father's store, and also showed an ability to charm others, notably Jeannie Hurst. With these skills he could have been extremely succesful, but was more concerned with taking revenge on those who had slighted him in the past.



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