Sidney Crabbe
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) character
First appearance A Blast from the Past
Last appearance A Blast from the Past
Created by Charlie Higson.
Portrayed by Paul Whitehouse
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Gangster
Family Maurice Crabbe (brother)
Relatives Maurice Crabbe (brother)
Nationality English
"What, you two? Laurel and bleedin' Hardy, take down me, Sidney Crabbe? Don't make me laugh, I'm the winner here today, not you!"
―Sidney Crabbe[src]

Sidney Crabbe was an East End gangster.


Master of a vast criminal syndicate in London for many years, Sidney was finally caught by Inspector Harry Wallis and his sergeant, Larry Hopkirk, who pursued him to a construction site. Sidney shot Wallis in the knee but found himself cornered. Vowing he would remember Larry, he leapt from the building.

But Sidney was not finished; he forced his bookish brother and Chosen One, Maurice, to continue his activities. Maurice became engaged in a gunfight with Hopkirk and Wallis which resulted in Maurice receiving a bullet in the head and Hopkirk being shot in the chest. Sidney appeared to the dying sergeant, but he soon began to fade when Maurice went into a coma, and later was sent to the Waiting Room when Maurice continued to feign unconsciousness.

Sidney returned when the spectre of Larry Hopkirk's son Marty began looking up details on Maurice for his partner Jeff. Sidney attacked Marty in the Limbo Bar, assuming he was his father, but upon realizing his mistake, called for Larry to help his son or else. Larry did not emerge, and Sidney soon discovered Maurice's deception, furiously stating that Maurice couldn't "unchoose" him before taking Marty off to the Pit of Oblivion, where he had cast himself into many years before. He offered Marty the chance to throw himself in or be cast in, but at the last minute was thrown in by Jeff, who had taken a bullet for Maurice, fired by Harry Wallis.

Personality and traitsEdit


Sidney falls into the Pit of Oblivion.

Sidney was a cruel, crass individual, yet he possessed cunning, having been able to run a vast criminal empire both whilst alive and from beyond the grave. Despite this, he was not afraid to fight his own battles, whilst he was unwilling to be defeated, jumping from a building rather than surrender to Wallis and Hopkirk. Bitter and vengeful, he was happy to Marty for his father's actions and also vowed vegeance on Maurice for avoiding him for years.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Crabbe is portrayed by Paul Whitehouse, co-creator and co-star of Charlie Higson on The Fast Show.
  • He and Maurice are based somewhat on the Krays, real-life East End gangsters, but Maurice is more of a reluctant gangster.