Roger Whale
One off character
First appearance Whatever Possessed You?
Created by Charlie Higson
Portrayed by Hywel Bennett
Species Human (later Ghost)
Gender Male
Occupation Journalist
Nickname(s) Roger Whale the Tabloid Hack
Nationality English
"You know its a funny thing, to go the whole distance, believing in one thing... and then on your last day alive, realise you were completely wrong. It's a terrible thing, a closed mind."
―Roger Whale[src]

Roger Whale was a once critically acclaimed journalist.


At one period, Roger Whale was one of the most renowned reporters in Britain, covering major stories across the globe, notable being nearly killed while working in Biafra. Eventually, he decided he had had enough of the stress, which was affecting his heart, and began working for a tabloid newspaper, sacrificing his credibility for a villa in Southern France.

Whale arrived at the Traveller's Halt to investigate the series of mysterious deaths that had been occurring for some time. He pooled his resources with Jeff Randall, who discovered to his surprise that Roger could see ghosts, including his spectral partner Marty and the horrifying visage known as the Burning Man.

Roger refused to believe there was anything supernatural in the hotel until he saw the effect an exorcism was having on Marty, at which point he declared he was going to try and do "one good thing" in his life and help Marty defeat Sonia Cronenberg, who had possessed Jeannie Hurst and was trying to gain immortality. Roger was killed in the ensuing struggle, his heart finally giving out, but he was able to keep Jeannie's spirit safe in his old body while Marty banished Sonia for good.

Personality and traitsEdit

""I got old Jeff, and I got tired. I spent my entire life covering famine, disease, poverty, miscarriages of justice and misery; it was killing me. They pay me very well to titillate their readers. Imay have lost my credibility, but I've gained a villa in the South of France.""
―Roger Whale[src]

Roger was resigned to his working with tabloids, preferring the rewards they offered to the stress he received from honest journalism. He was a crass individual, making several lewd suggestions to Jeannie, and also very close-minded, rudely dismissing Margaret Hooper's talk of ghosts and even trying to write off what he saw with his own eyes. However he still had some of his old self in him, and was willing to help confront the Faceless Lady at the cost of his own life. After death, he was somewhat wistful, regretting the close-mindedness that had ruled his life.

Behind the scenesEdit