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Jeff and Jeannie visit the remote and forbidding Strait Isle off the Scottish coast to investigate the death of a young gay man, who was working on a project at the local brewery. Jeff is on anti-biotics and refuses a glass of the local brew but Jeannie experiences a very strange reaction when she drinks it. It turns out that an excess of the stuff has a serious effect on the sexuality of those who imbibe it.


In this episode many characters are named after South Devon villages.

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  1. Whilst on the island, Jeff cannot drink because he is on antibiotics to treat a dental abscess. It is possible to get different antibiotics that you CAN drink with - why wasn't he prescribed them instead? Perhaps he didn't ask for type that allow you to drink, or maybe he is allergic to certain types - either way, it's hardly a mistake to be taking drugs that you cannot drink with.Seniram In any case, alcohol may inflame the abscess.


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