Maurice Crabbe
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) character
First appearance A Blast from the Past
Last appearance A Blast from the Past
Created by Charlie Higson.
Portrayed by Grant Masters
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Gangster
Family Sidney Crabbe (brother)
Significant other(s) Deidre Hope (lover)
Relatives Sidney Crabbe (brother)
Nationality English

Maurice Crabbe is a gangster who may have been responsible for the death of Larry Hopkirk.


Brother of notorious gangster Sidney Crabbe, he was uninterested in a criminal life but after his brother's death continued his legacy. Rumored to have an almost supernatural ability for staying ahead of the game, he was eventually brought down due to a sting operation, involving his mistress Deidre, the wife of policeman Harry Wallis. During a shootout with Wallis and Larry Hopkirk, Maurice took a bullet in the head which sent him into a coma.

Maurice had been bullied into being a gangster by the spirit of his brother, who threw himself into The Pit of Oblivion following Maurice's shooting and spent a number of years in The Waiting Room. After several years, Maurice awakened, but pretended he was still in a coma to avoid Sidney's ghost. As Wallis attempted to kill Maurice, he accidentally shot and killed Jeff Randall, while Sidney emerged to grab Marty, vowing revenge on his brother for feigning unconsciousness all those years. However, Jeff's ghost was able to prevent Marty from being thrown into the Pit of Oblivion by Sidney, and was placed back into his body in time to live again.

Personality and traitsEdit


Maurice in his heyday.

As a younger man, Maurice appeared to be a slick, confident gangster, despite having been previously known as a quiet, bookish type. It was later discovered this was due to pressure from the spirit of his brother Sidney, who had selected him as his Chosen One and was forcing him to continue his business from beyond the grave.

Following his near fatal wounding, Maurice pretended to be in a coma to escape Sidney. He was lovingly tended to at this time by Deidre Hope, a former nurse who had been his lover.

When Harry Wallis attempted to shoot him, Maurice woke up and defended himself, and a bullet intended for him was taken by Jeff Randall. Maurice was shown to be appreciative of this and immediately called for an ambulance.

Behind the scenesEdit