Man in Restaurant
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) character
First appearance Drop Dead
Last appearance Drop Dead
Created by Charlie Higson
Portrayed by Paul Shearer
Significant other(s) Unknown woman
Nationality English
"Excuse me! Do you know who I am?"

This man attended the restaurant where Jeannie Hurst worked as a waitress. He bullied his girlfriend and made snide remarks to Jeannie, causing her pent-up emotions concerning Marty's death to come out and insult him, as well as suggest the lady go up with "a human being".

The man pompously asked if Jeannie knew who he was, which she sarcastically took literally, asking if the restaurant patrons could help with a bad case of amnesia. When her boss, Mr. Drake, arrived, she resigned by pouring a plate of food down his trousers.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The man was played by Paul Shearer, one of several of Charlie Higson's co-stars from The Fast Show to appear in the series.