Marty Hopkirk
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) character
First appearance A Blast from the Past
Last appearance A Blast from the Past
Created by Charlie Higson.
Portrayed by Vic Reeves
Nickname(s) Harry and Larry (with Harry Wallis
Species Human (Ghost)
Gender Male
Occupation Police Officer
Title Sergeant
Family Unknown Wife
Marty Hopkirk (son)
Spouse(s) Unknown wife
Significant other(s) Marty Hopkirk (son)
Relatives Unknown Wife
Marty Hopkirk (son)
Nationality English
"Never amount to anything us Hopkirks, even in death."
―Larry Hopkirk[src]

Larry Hopkirk was the father of Marty Hopkirk


A policeman in the late Sixties and early Seventies, Larry was the sergeant of Inspector Harry Wallis, who he shared a close friendship with. The two of them were known for having brought down the infamous crime boss Sidney Crabbe (who promised he would remember him before leaping to his death from a construction site), and later his brother Maurice in an ambush which would sending the crime boss into a coma and mortally wound Larry. While dying, he saw the spectre of Sidney taunting him.

Larry did not go to Limbo when he died, instead passing on to The Realm of the Dreaming Dead, where he sat behind a forcefield eating white scotch eggs. When Marty came to him seeking assistance fighting Sidney Crabbe's ghost, Larry seemed confused that his son had grown older (asking if he had put on weight) and simply declared his disappointment in himself and his family ,which may have been a result of the ghostly land he ended up in.

While Marty had been unable to get through the forcefield to his father, Harry Wallis was, and had a brief reunion with his partner before he was sucked down to torment.

Personality and traitsEdit


Larry in the realm of The Realm of the Dreaming Dead.

Marty was great friends with his inspector Harry Wallis, who he would die for (and ultimately, tragically did). However he and Larry had contrasting personalities, Harry was aggressive and vengeful declaring he would take Sidney dead or alive, while Larry tried to convince the gangster to come quietly.

His son Marty had an admiration of him, which may have been caused by only remembering from the age of eight, and through stories told by his mother, though it is possibly Larry was a good father. However, after his death, he grew distant, and when Marty came to see him to gain help in defeating the ghost of Sidney Crabbe, Larry sadly lamented that all Hopkirks were failures. When Larry came to see him however, he was overjoyed, but shoced when his former partner was dragged down to be punished for his sins.

Behind the scenesEdit