Jeremy Weymark
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) character
First appearance The Best Years of Your Death
Last appearance The Best Years of Your Death
Created by Charlie Higson
Portrayed by Anthony McGibbon
Gender Male
Occupation Teacher
Nationality English
"Strict discipline makes it much easier to eat boys heads!"
Jeremy Weymark[src]

Mr. Weymark was a prospective teacher at Radlands School.


A candidate for the position of Housemaster at Radlands School, Weymark was convinced he would gain the position, a fact confirmed by Captain Graves' stating that he was the preferred candidate, as well as using his first name "Jeremy."

However, Weymark's chances were scuppered by fellow candidate Jeff Randall, who had his ghostly partner Marty Hopkirk possess Weymark (after expressing some doubt) and cause him to speak gibberish, make wild hand gestures and finally drop his trousers and urinate.

Mortified, Weymark left the building, and was soon left unconscious by the effects of the possesion.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Shan't need it. Once I'm through with them they won't even bother sending you in, matey-boy."
Jeremy Weymark[src]

Smug and self-satisfied, Weymark believed he was the only logical candidate for the Housemaster post and was dismissive of Jeff wishing him luck. He was strong-willed enough to fight Marty's presence in his body but this was not enough to have him leave the interview in tears.

Behind the scenesEdit