Jeff Randall
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) character
Jeff Randall

Mike Pratt as Jeff Randall [1]

First appearance My Late Lamented Friend and Partner
Last appearance The Smile Behind the Veil
Created by Dennis Sponner
Portrayed by Mike Pratt
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Private Detective
Family Unknown
Significant other(s) Marty Hopkirk (Business Partner)
Jeannie Hopkirk (Secretary)
Children None
Nationality English


The living half of the duo known as Randall and Hopkirk (deceased). Jeffrey "Jeff" Randall is still trying to make ends meet, mainly because he has a habit of accepting cases with little or no financial reward - although his involvement isn't always voluntary!

In his mid-thirties, Jeff's rugged exterior hides a gentle soul, and he will always fight for a deserving cause as a matter of principle; but then, he has accepted dodgy assignments - simply because the money will keep the rent paid, despite what his conscience - or the ever-present Marty - tells him. Jeff likes to relax with a glass of whiskey, and keeps some in the office as well as at home. A guitar in his flat indicates he may well be able to play it. He can speak a bit of Spanish, too - maybe he had a short posting overseas when he spent some years in the Army. He has a (somewhat disturbing) tendency to get creamed on a frequent basis. He refuses, however, to carry a firearm.

He does possess a certain charisma, as can be seen by his regular dates with many different women! He's no Captain Kirk, though; and some women seem to have their own agenda with poor Jeff. It isn't uncommon for him to get locked up, thrown down a well, or knocked out cold (with a hairbrush, even...). His relationship with Jean can never be more than a friendship - mainly because Marty would never allow it to go further, the jealous spectre suspicious of any man who comes within two feet of his widow, although she has given Jeff a key to her apartment, 'in case of emergency'. Upon Marty's death, he was given Marty's fob watch.

He is headstrong, unlike the cautious Marty, as well as being the optimist, and is just and fair; and while he has a respect for the law, he will do things his way if need be. Jeff has a knack of rubbing Scotland Yard inspectors up the wrong way - three of them, to be exact, who all seem to have it in for him. Unfortunately, Jeff seems to have a bad sense of timing when the police arrive - he's either caught standing over a body, running from the scene or knows about the incident already. But then, how do you tell a policeman your informant is a ghost who can walk through walls and is haunting you for the rest of your natural life?![2]


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