Jeannie Hopkirk
Randall and Hopkirk
Jeannie Hopkirk

Annette Andre as Jeannie Hopkirk [1]

First appearance My Late Lamented Friend and Partner
Last appearance The Smile Behind The Veil
Created by Dennis Sponner
Portrayed by Annette Andre
Gender Female
Occupation Secretary for Jeff Randall
Title Mrs
Family Jenny (Sister)
Spouse(s) Marty Hopkirk (Deceased)
Significant other(s) Jeff Randall
Children None
Nationality English

For the similar character in the remake, see entry for Jeannie Hurst.
For the character in the Homage version, see entry for Jeannie Hopkirk (2008)

Jean Hopkirk, Marty's widow, steps in as secretary for Jeff to help him out after Marty's death, while still grieving over her loss. She doesn't expect to be dragged into the murky world of gangsters and men dressing in strange clothes, but despite it all she holds her head up high and retains a cool manner. Marty does what he can to help out, even if it means he chases off potential new suitors! She remains in the same apartment, No. 8 (although it somehow changes to 21 in 'Could You Recognise the Man Again?'), and takes custody of Marty's red Mini.

Naturally, Jean doesn't know that Marty is communicating with Jeff, and is not surprisingly worried to find Jeff talking to himself on a couple of occasions, going so far as to commit him to a psychiatric ward! Jean has a very sharp sense of style and dresses brightly, reflecting her mind - alert and intelligent. She puts up with a great deal, bailing Jeff out when he needs an alibi, answering phone calls and keeping the business afloat. Jean is a level-headed woman, even though she misses Marty terribly.


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