Gordon Stylus
First appearance Drop Dead
Created by Charlie Higson
Portrayed by David Tennant
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Artist
Spouse(s) Annette Stylus
Significant other(s) Annette Stylus (wife)
Relatives Annette Stylus (wife)
Nationality Scottish
"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Androids, automata and drones. I give you the greatest gift that man can give. The thing that seperates men from machines. The gift of art."
―Gordon Stylus[src]

Gordon Stylus is a famous artist.


A renowned conceptual artist, Stylus fell obsessively in love with Annette, who he then married. His greatest works of art were secretly created by her, an arrangement that benefited them both until an argument in which Annette sued for divorce, threatening to expose her husband.

Gordon made an arrangement with his manager Kenneth Crisby, hiring Randall & Hopkirk, who had previously exposed his infidelity and cost him a number of assets in his divorce. Gordon had a robot disguised as himself create a distraction by designing a new piece of art, while he secretly killed Annette and had Marty Hopkirk dropped onto the boot of the car, before having it driven off a nearby cliff.

Gordon feigned depression following his wife's death, but Jeff Randall and the ghost of his former partner Marty were able to discover the truth behind Marty and Annette's deaths. In a confrontation in Stylus' studio, Gordon and Crisby planned to dip Jeff in preservative fluid and hang him in a gallery, but thanks to Marty and Jeannie's intervention, Crisby was knocked unconscious and Gordon was killed by his own chainsaw wielding robot. His deceased corpse was later exhibited in his own gallery.

Personality and traitsEdit


Gordon in his wife's wedding dress.

A somewhat unstable individual, he married Annette following a long obsession with her and they had a loving marriage for some time, though she created the majority of his best works. However, when Annette filed for divorce, he showed he was willing to eliminate her to protect his reputation and enable him to gain a large sum of money. This caused his instabilities to be pushed to the forefront, and he alternated between periods of mania contrasting with an almost catatonic state.

Behind the scenesEdit