Craig Nash
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) character
First appearance Mental Apparition Disorder
Last appearance Mental Apparition Disorder
Created by Charlie Higson.
Portrayed by Martin Clunes
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Big Game Hunter
Spouse(s) Unknown Wife
Significant other(s) Unknown Wife
Lucy English (lover)
Nationality English
""Come on darling, my elephant gun's loaded and it's ready to go off.""
―Craig Nash[src]

Craig Nash was a victim of Dr. Lawyer.


A rich big-game hunter who kept numerous trophies from his adventures inside his home, Nash made the mistake of starting an extra-marital affair with nymphomaniac Lucy English, who was a patient of the specialist Dr. Lawyer. One night, Nash was entertaining Lucy at his home when she received a telephone called from Lawyer, who had her stab Nash to death and steal his valuables.

Personality and traitsEdit

A pompous man who was very keen on big game hunting, he was very confident of his seduction techniques and often made double entendres regarding hunting.

Behind the scenesEdit