Annette Stylus
First appearance Drop Dead
Created by Charlie Higson
Portrayed by Hannah Miles
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Artist
Spouse(s) Gordon Stylus
Relatives Gordon Stylus (husband)
Nationality English
"Don't worry Mr. Hopkirk, he's the crazy one, not me."
―Annette Stylus[src]

Annette Stylus is the wife of eccentric artist Gordon Stylus.


Once happily married to Gordon, she secretly created all of his greatest works of art and used this knowledge as a trump card when their marriage went sour and she sued for divorce. However, their lawyer, Kenneth Crisby, was also Gordon's manager and refused to help Annette, even for substantial payment.

Instead, he made a plan, to have Annette killed and driven off a cliff, taking Marty Hopkirk - the private detective who had just uncovered Crisby's infidelity.

Personality and traitsEdit

""Love him? Of course I loved him, I probably still do love him. You can love someone and hate their guts at the same time can't you?"
―Annette Stylus[src]

Annette was initially in a very loving relationship with Gordon, though somewhat apprehensive of the almost obsessive nature of his love for her. She was even willing to go uncredited for the creation of his artwork, only threatening to reveal his secret when she filed for divorce.

At her fateful birthday party, Annette demonstrated her sarcastic side, noting that Gordon had only invited his own friends. She also had an unusual sense of humour, responding to Marty's concerns over her suicidal state by threatening him with what appeared to be a gun, before revealing it as a lighter.