Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) character
First appearance Paranoia
Last appearance Paranoia
Created by Charlie Higson.
Portrayed by Angeline Ball
Species Human
Gender Female
Nationality English
"I know he's going to leave me... and go back to his stupid wife! But I love him. So I will kiss him, and kiss him, and... cut him... all to pieces."

Annabell was a former employee of Douglas Milton.


Formerly Douglas Milton's secretary, the two of them had an affair, when ended when Douglas' wife Judith discovered the truth. When he planned to release his book, Annabell disguised herself as a chambermaid at the hotel where he was going to be making a speech, and planned to kill him in a fit of passion.

However, Annabell's attempt failed when she accidentally killed Swift, an assassin who had also been planning to kill Milton, with a pair of scissors. Whilst burying him in the garden, Annabell was killed by Justin Pope, who had fallen from the hotel window, crushing them both.

Personality and traitsEdit


Annabell as a chambermaid.

Annabell had a childish personality, which proved somewhat dangerous when she was dumped by Douglas Milton, as it made her swear to kill him. However, she seemed genuinely concerned when she stabbed Swift and apologised to his corpse as she was burying him in the garden.